I’m Alive

Uh huh so alive….(Love and Rockets, anyone?)

I’m trucking along over here in my corner of the world. I finally got my Primal Blueprint book, yay! I have to say it’s kind of overwhelming and I just skimmed a lot for now. I’ll dig in more later. It was funny the day it came: I ran to the window when I heard the mail truck. I watched the mailman, looking for a package vaguely book-shaped, anything dammit, and nothing. *sigh*…..mailtruck takes off. Wait a sec, he’s back!!! And he’s got a cardboard bookie-looking package for me!!! He forgot it and had to double back to deliver it. I was a happy Dawn.

Hula hooping is coming along nicely. I’m keeping it up for a little bit at a time. Haven’t tried any tricks. Yet. Other than hooping with my arm. That’s fun. Until one of the kids walks into it. Mr. Dawn made me another, bigger hoop. I’m using the bigger one more. It just feels better. I have visions of posting some crazy hoop dancing on this blog one day. And it might even be me doing the hooping!

Went to the endocrinologist yesterday. I pretty much rock. My pressure was 115/70. All of that blood they took? Remember all those vials I was talking about? Everything was fine. I didn’t get the deets, but I’ll take ‘fine’ any day. She noticed I had gained weight. I should explain: last time I went I was doing a very popular plan, where you purchase soy-laden bars, shakes, and soups. It was around oh…..900 calories. You read that right. 900 calories. Of course I lost weight! I was starving!!! So I told the doctor, hey, I was doing this crazy bar/shake thing and eating 900 calories, I lost weight, but you can’t sustain that. She nodded and told me I was right. Then she asked what I was doing now. I told her it was sort of low-carb (which is very good for people with hypothyroidism, btw), low-to-no sugar, lots of meats and veggies and some fruits. She said that was great and to keep it up. Again, happy Dawn:)

So, the moral of the story: yes, you can eat like a king and have a happy healthy lifestyle too! They aren’t mutually exclusive! I have never eaten so much unsalted butter, whole milk full fat cheese, and red meat in my life (blue cheese butter on steak, try it, love it). And I’m NOT constantly thinking of my next meal! And remember how mom always said breakfast was the most important meal? I struggled with this all the time. I am just not hungry in the morning. Now? I don’t eat til lunch most days.

Dinner last night was yummy: homemade tomato sauce with ground beef, served over spaghetti for the family, and over zucchini sauteed in coconut oil for moi. It was good stuff! I can’t take away the family’s pasta just yet. I’d have a mutiny. I just don’t have the stomach for it just now. As a mother, an important lesson is to choose your battles. And I say, “Let them eat pasta.” Not cake, though.

To all my domestically inclined readers: How do you reconcile what you believe about diet and nutrition to what your family prefers/demands? Do you go all out and make everyone eat primally, or do you loosen the rules a little for them? Most days we do just eat a meat, prepared simply, with an assortment of veggies. Pasta’s probably once every two weeks. How does this work in your house?


2 thoughts on “I’m Alive

  1. TRY TRICKS!! I’m just sayin’…… it’s so much fun!! And you become insta-cool because some of them are so easy to do!

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