Hula Hoopin’ Beeyotch

I did it! I kept that damn plastic circle in the vicinity of my waist for more that 10 seconds!!! Although, I was sort of egged on by the snorts and chuckles of Mr. Dawn, who was NOT invited to watch me from the stairs. Someone on one of the boards I post on said something about looking  like “Jabba the Hut stuck on a spin cycle”….um yeah. Kinda like that. She was referring to herself, not me, by the way. That would just be rude. But I have to tell ya: it is so impossible to be miserable while hooping. Try it. Bet you can’t do it. Go on. Do it! I double dog dare you. Now you pretty much have too. All this hoopla (hardee har har) even got J to bust his hoop out. We were two hoopin’ fools on a mission.

Foodstuffs. I’m a’ight. Made my totally killer primal jalapeno bacon poppers again. These are a weekend ritual now. So greasy, so cheesy, so….YUM. A plate of these at around 11 or 12 and I’m good til dinner. Speaking of, we’re having kielbasa and some sort of plethora of veggies from the CSA share that we get today.

Oh. The scale. Yeah. Up two pounds. I’m convinced my 2 ‘carbs be damned’ days did that. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. The bloating and other unpleasantness is almost completely gone. Yay!

Do any of you have any experience with arthritis? This shoulder of mine is still nagging me. I’m going to do some research, but I just thought I’d throw it out there if anyone’s got any advice. It’s kinda sucky right now for me. And it’s getting worse.

I have given myself a goal. Once my shoulder heals up, of course. I am going to go boxing 3 days a week after school starts. I have 3 days during the week where I have no classes to attend. It’s in the morning. If I throw on workout clothes in the morning, then I can just hop in the car after the boys catch their buses. Totally doable, right?? I know! And oh how I miss my boxing. I want to punch stuff. Hard.

So here’s to an awesome, active, healthy weekend to you all! I’m lifting a frosty Coke Zero to ya! I know, I know….I’m working on it…..damn you aspartame!!!


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