Guess Who’s Back, Back Again?

No, not Slim Shady. Me.

Better attitude. Check. Yummy primal breakfast. Check. Hula hoop. Check.

Let’s do this!

And can I just say: Ouch. I’m all frickin’ crampy and gassy and bloated today. The price I pay for straying, I guess. Lesson learned, life, lesson learned. Not worth it.

Had a naked burger for breakfast. I woke up ravenous, which is unusual for me and I believe completely related to the garbage I ate yesterday. I’m usually running off coffee and half and half til at least noon.

I found some plain coconut milk (not canned, the beverage) at my local grocery store. I got it and tried some in my coffee yesterday morning. Gotta say, not a fan. I’m not going to give up so easily though. I see a smoothie in my future.

Today we are having an absolute lazy day. I realized in a panic how soon school is starting for me and the boys, and I am staging a last-ditch effort to protest against feeling like I have to do all these fabulous things and create all these memories of a lifetime that the boys will remember fondly when they have kids. So we’re ‘slothin’ it’ today. Reading, games, books, music….and maybe naps. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m the only one who’s up for a nap. I even have a load of towels in the dryer that I’m NOT folding today. I’m so naughty!

One thing I am accomplishing today: hula hoop trick attempt #1. I’ve scoped out some tutorials online, and based on sassy’s comment to my last blog post, I’m going to try to master a few tricks before the dreaded waist-hooping. I’m going to do this in the living room. I’m not feeling very Nature-Girl now, so the living room it is. I’m going to try to avoid hitting Mr. Dawn’s “precious” (said in Gollum’s voice). The gigantor television, that is. Wish me luck! Maybe if I do hit the television I could distract him with my dazzling hoop tricks so he wouldn’t even notice. Yeah. Like some kind of Hoop of The Seven Veils type thing. Very seductive.

I have some friend drama. A friend is visiting from Holland. She hangs with my old crowd that I used to run with years ago. I have no desire to revisit them at all. Let’s just say, I’ve moved on with my life and grown up, and a lot of them…..haven’t. So anyway, we spoke on the phone about getting together. Her, the bf, and her two boys (who don’t speak English so I was looking forward to the interaction with my boys, lol). I told her way in advance the three days that were good for us. I wanted Mark to be home, so he could hang with us too. Well those days came and went and no phone call. I was thinking they’d come out and we’d grill and chill and so forth. She just now called me yesterday and left a message, 3 days after the last day that I gave her, saying that she was sorry she didn’t call, but her and her bf had other plans all weekend. Really?? It just seems like we’re growing apart and neither of us seems to care. This makes me sad. She was one of the first friends I made when I came to NY as a nanny in 1993 at the age of 19. She moved back to Holland with her sons and we kept in touch sporadically, cards and occasional gifts for the kids. Oh, and she also said in the message that she’s leaving Friday so the only day we could hang out would be….today. Yeah. Lame. I haven’t gotten back to her cuz frankly I’m not sure what to say. I can’t really go see her. I have to wait for the little one to get back from school, first of all, and then by the time I’d reach her (she’s about 45 minutes away) I’d have like an hour or so then have to head back. It’s strange. She’s like the last vestige of my youth. And we both seem to be letting it go. Have any of you been through this? It’s like I’m mourning the loss of my younger years. Not that I’m old and decrepit or anything, I’m just in another phase of my life. *sigh*…..

Well, that’s it. Lazy Day 2010 is on!

6 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back, Back Again?

  1. 1-I can’t stand coconut milk in my coffee, but I do like almond milk. Maybe try that!.
    2-I would go see her. You will have no regrets. And you may know one last time that she’s either a person that you want in your life, or not. Or go on w Lazy Day 2010! So jealous – wish I was there! 🙂

    1. I’ll try the almond milk. J loves Almond Breeze, but doesn’t like the Silk brand. Yeah, I’m not going to see the friend. It’s too late now anyway. You are here at Lazy Day 2010 in spirit!

  2. I meant to comment on a current post but I commented below an earlier post, sorry. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog! I have been reading up on your posts and wanted to comment on your success in dropping the alcohol even in social settings. It is so great that you are getting your family to join you in the cave as well.
    Funny about what you are saying about coconut milk in your coffee, I just posted that I can not handle it. It is making me nauseous. Not sure why but it doesn’t satisfy like cream does either.
    About the old friend, she has kinda’ showed you that she doesn’t really have time for you, why should you make the time for her? Not meaning that ugly but like you said, you have both moved on. Don’t harbor regrets.
    I have a question for you though, I haven’t had time to read up on your old blog but I am curious what kind of calorie level were you staying at when you were doing CR?

    1. Hi! Yeah, I’m kind of over the whole friendship I think. I miss what we had, and I don’t like where it is now. As for CR, I tried to stay around 1700 calories. I’m 5 foot 8 and thick/curvy.

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