Well, It Went Something Like This….

Hmmm. I’m hungry. *walks to kitchen, opens cabinets* Mmm! Cookies! Yeah! *scarfs down 4 Oreos*

Hmmm. I’m feeling peckish. *walks to kitchen, opens fridge* Hey! Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! Awesome! Score! *horks down 2*

Yeah. That’s what happened. Stupid kids and their stupid snacks. I need to toughen up and not keep that shit in my house. But I have a soft spot for them (my kids not the sweets) and want them to enjoy their little treats every now and then. Normally I can ignore that stuff. However, the last two nights I slept in the living room on the couch, and that makes it super easy to just hop into the ‘danger zone’ and sneak a little snacky-poo. And poo it is. I had to sleep on the couch one night because I was making my Awesome Yogurt. It had to be checked on starting at midnight. Mr. Dawn works and I didn’t want to disrupt his sleep. The yogurt came out runny again. I am not sure what I’m doing but it’s kinda stinky. I have to strain it through a cheesecloth to get it like greek yogurt. But that’s like a whole ‘nother process…..

Back to today. I had some gak again today. I don’t wanna rehash, just know it was crap and I didn’t even enjoy it. But I guess that’s what I need every now and then, a reminder of exactly why it is not worth it. I’m getting back on track with the next meal, you can be sure of that. Onward and upward! To infinity and beyond! Yada yada yada…..

Went school supply shopping with J today. We went to a certain big-box much-maligned store that will remain nameless. J didn’t want to go to Target (equally evil but nothing compared to where we went), so he requested this place. Ugh. I felt dirty. And as usual, I felt guilty for shopping at a place that has no interest in bettering the world or empowering its employees. But, a dollar is a dollar, and Mama’s on a budget. He had fun, I had slightly less fun. He got some cool Iron Man pocket folders, mine were plain:( I told him that mommy is in grown-up school so she needs very serious school supplies. He just looked at me and told me I was a weirdo. I did get the spiral notebooks with the pretty swirly designs, so it wasn’t all that serious:) I can’t believe I’m a mom to a 2nd grader! Eeeek! When did I grow up?

I have to say, my primal journey has hit a slump. Between not being able to really work out properly and the strays into the refined carb zone, I’m just not being a very good cave grrl. I must fix this. And I will.

I think I’m going to attempt the hula-hoop again. I looked up some tutorials on YouTube, and I’m thinking it’s unlikely to aggravate my shoulder. I just got really discouraged when I tried those few times.

Wow. Didn’t want to be a downer today, but there it is. I’m in a ho-hum spot temporarily. Let’s move on, shall we?

2 thoughts on “Well, It Went Something Like This….

  1. What got you discouraged about hooping?

    It took me ALL SUMMER to finally get the hang of waist hooping, so I just popped in to say whatever it, just keep working at it. It’ll come.

    Also – find a few other tricks and moves that you CAN do and keep working on those so it stays fun.

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