Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Okay, back to the usual over here.

Yesterday’s Food:

-1 chicken boob (chicken piccata, breaded with almond flour) YUM


-Water and my lovah, coke zero:)

The meatzza came out so good this time. Both Mr. Dawn and I overdid it. But it’s all good cuz I don’t think my calories were crazy or anything. This time I used eggs and almond flour and lots of spices in the meat ‘crust’. I think that made it taste better this time around. Then sauce (homemade from canned crushed tomatoes and spices), mozzarella, feta, thin sliced red onion, and pepperoni. It was so good. Mr. Dawn was asking why I made it so good. I thought that was pretty funny. He had a tummy ache after. But live and learn, right? Note to self: no pigging out on yummy things!!!

Today starts the little one’s last week of summer school. Then he’ll get a two week break before regular school starts. He’s going full days starting in September! Crazy for a 3 year old. That’s awesome because that gives me three solid days of no children to get my studying done. I have to really buckle down this semester. I have a tough course load, and last semester I kinda went all screwy with my bipolar and it wasn’t so hot. I have classes 3 days a week on campus, then I have two online courses also.

I went to get my brows waxed yesterday. I haven’t done that in forever because I just don’t spend money on myself that much. It was funny. The woman put her little glasses on her nose then looked down at me laying on the little benchy thing and said, “Wow. Wow. Wow.” She kept saying it! I was like, “Really? It’s that bad???” I felt like Chewbacca. I think those little Asian wax-women are so funny. They are rude, but you can’t get mad at them because I don’t think they realize that it’s offensive! I’ve had some women try to wax my whole face. You go in for brows and they are telling you that you need your lip and chin and whatever else…..I wonder if they really don’t know it’s rude or if it’s a marketing strategy.

Today’s food plan:

-Cantaloupe for breakfast (soon, I’m a li’l hungry now)

-Snacks: string cheese and my super-spicy homemade seed mix

-Din-din: Chicken boobies with pesto….mmmm….and salad

My shoulder is STILL not right. It’s just annoying me now. It’s not fully blown out/frozen yet, but it’s not mild and I wish it would decide what it’s going to do. I was tying shoes yesterday and when I tightened the bow, it was a sharper pain. It’s so random. We aren’t aware of all the ways we use those joints and muscles.


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