Twisted Sister

I’m feeling a little like a pretzel this morning. I must have slept wrong (how does one sleep wrong exactly?), or the mattress hates me as much as I hate it. It’s like sleeping on cinder blocks.  Anyway, I’m all kinky today, and not in a good way. Add that to the ongoing shoulder pain, and you’ve got one cranky bitch. I am going to attempt to ease my pain today. I’m digging out the old heating pad and the pain meds. I don’t see myself getting much done today. But that’s alright, there’s honestly not much to do today. Which is a whole other story…..I’ve actually been keeping on top of  my chores:)

I ate too much yesterday. I still feel a little stuffed this morning. I ate the right things, I was just hungry and ate too much. I’m not too torn up about it. I’m at peace with it. Everyone has days where they overdo it now and then. At least I didn’t dive headfirst into the spaghetti leftovers in the fridge. Although I was tempted. Briefly. I am thinking that one of the keys to my overindulgence was eating too early when I wasn’t very hungry. The boys were hungry first thing and wanted eggs and sausage. I figured since that would be a decent breakfast for me too, I ate when they ate. I should have maybe cooked it, but just waited til I was hungry then reheated it. There could be a link, or it could just be me looking to place blame on something. We shall see. One thing is for sure, I am not hungry at all this morning and I will not be eating until I am. Intermittent fasting and all. You know! Last night I ate at about 9 pm. If I can make it to at least 9….oh wait….it’s 9:30 already. IF accomplished! Go me!

Saturday. In the Park. I think it was the 4th of July….No. Saturday is geocaching day! I’m excited. J is looking forward to it too, but I think I may be winning the enthusiasm contest. Our weekend starts tonight when Mr. Dawn gets home. He only works Monday thru Thursday. I have a busy weekend ahead. A friend is in the area from Holland with her two sons and boyfriend. They are going to be coming over sometime this weekend. I also begrudgingly agreed to go with another friend to a bar. They will be dancing. I will not be dancing. I don’t dance. I used to dance, but I also used to drink. There is a plausible correlation there. She made me promise I’d go (I have a habit of bailing last minute with lame excuses), and I promised and also promised not to bring a book or look bored:) The plan is early dinner at my house, then out to the bar for an app or two, no drinking for either of us, she’ll dance a little with her friends, I will hang for a little bit, then go home. There. Night out accomplished! Go me.

How’s your weekend look? Is it as full of whirlwind excitement as mine????


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