Today’s the day. Not yesterday like I said.

My steak never defrosted completely, so tonight it will meet it’s doom! I’m also trying my hand at a Lebanese salad called fattoush. The recipe is here. We got some purslane in our CSA share a week ago, and man, there are NO recipes for purslane out there. Technically, from what I’ve read, it’s a weed. Yeah, I’m thinking the farm was just like f*** it, give ’em the weeds! We’ll try it out. I’ve never had it. But the salad has pita bread in it, so I’ll just skip that part in my portion.

I’m up to 4 tablespoons of coconut oil Speaking of, Primal Matriarch has an awesome post on it over here. I have noticed since going primal, my nails are stronger and are growing like mad. They were always paper thin and broke easily. I don’t use moisturizer any more on my face. Don’t need it.

Again, I’m always shocked by how unhungry I am now. I don’t even eat breakfast most mornings. I get my go-go juice (coffee) with the oil and half and half in it, and I’m good til lunch or later.

I’m reading a very interesting book which speaks to the CRON side of me. It’s called Long For This World: The Strange Science of Immortality, by Jonathan Weiner. I’m about halfway in, and it’s a good read. Basically, the search for a cure for aging is a weird field, mocked and not respected by many scientists, but gaining some traction recently. What makes us age and how to effectively stop it? We all know about those pesky free radicals gunking up the works, but there’s also a theory about how the cell stops cleaning up after itself so well after a while. The cell is this totally efficient self-cleaning mechanism. When it recognizes a mistake or degradation or mutation, things called lysosomes take in and digest the offender. But the theory states that what if the cell doesn’t ‘see’ the mistake? What if the appearance of the mutation was normal, but the defect was on the inside? The cell can’t clean up what it doesn’t detect, so the cell goes on with the mutation and then the mutation replicates and thus….aging. Things going downhill from there. That’s just one of the premises that the book has introduced so far. And yes, I snuck a peek at the index, and there’s a section on calorie restriction! I’m eager to see what the author says about that. Anyways, that’s my completely unscientific explanation of a very complicated system of events, and I’m sure you could find better with a little research!

The Little One had a pulmonology appointment today. We were hoping to get him off his last med, a nebulizer treatment each night. However, since summer’s almost over and school’s about to start (meaning, GERMS), the doc wants to wait til next summer. Oh well, I’m glad they are looking out for him, but we are looking forward to being done with the meds. It’s a steroid and the sooner he stops taking it, the better, I think. And he was hospitalized at the end of winter for RSV. Let’s hope he sails through this winter like a champ!

Our garden is spewing cucumbers at us every single day it seems. The tomatoes are coming along, but still green. If they don’t shape up and turn red soon, I’m going to pick them and make some primal fried green tomatoes! Mmmmm. Some of the summer squash plants died, but there are two still. Green beans are coming in too. This gardening stuff is pretty cool! Especially since I don’t do any of the work:) Well, I do water it sometimes. But that’s it. Mr. Dawn is the one with the green thumb, and that is fine with me.

I’ve broached the idea of skipping the CSA next year and going for some grass-fed beef instead. Mr. Dawn is skeptical, but I’m working him over. I mean, I can pretty much buy the important produce as organic in the supermarket. And we can save money by only buying the most contaminated foods organic, and buying the cleaner produce as conventional. There is an official “list” and you can actually download the app or get the pdf file here. Print it out and keep it in your purse, I know I’m gonna. How do you save money while going for quality foods for your family? Do you think produce or meat is more important, or do you think they are equal?


2 thoughts on “Today’s the day. Not yesterday like I said.

  1. Well, in my house Mike and I are the only meat eaters – kids just really only eat chicken – but we all eat a ton of fruit. And of course the fruit we eat – apples, berries, etc. are the high-risk foods so must be organic for me, personally.

    However, those fruits usually aren’t in my CSA and I end up going to the store and buying them anyway and think iagree that I’d rather have the stock of grass-fed meat and organic chicken, which is harder to come by locally.

    Have you looked into a cowpooling on

  2. I too would put my $ into the organic meat/poultry. And anytime you feel like posting more of the foo foo food you eat – I would love to see! 🙂

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