You Didn’t Mention That Part…..

That’s what I said to Mr. Dawn after he enlisted my help with the gigantor television and entertainment center project he’s working on today. We got the unit from Ikea, but when we set it up it turned out that the surround sound/dvd player thingy is too deep to fit on the shelves of the unit. So we put it on the floor under the unit. But the dust bunnies are threatening to take it into the abyss, so Mr. Dawn is going to cut out the back of the unit behind the shelves and we can stick it on the shelf. Make sense? That’s what I thought….well he asked me if that’s what he should work on and I was all, “Sure.” That’s when I was recruited. Good thing I’m strong like bull. We just had to lift the tv off the unit and set it on the floor. Bonus out of this deal: he’s vacuumed behind the tv and dusting the tv and cleaning the unit! Score!

So. Geocaching. Pretty much THE COOLEST THING EVAH! The first one almost didn’t happen. I had the little one and Mr. Dawn and J set out. It was in a wooded area in the center of a circular street set-up. I went in one side, but could only go so far, the little one was getting a bajiggety. He didn’t like having to step over things that came up to his little 3 yr old hips. he was pretty creeped out and kept telling me, “I don’t wike dis.” We had no luck. So we came back out and Mr. Dawn and J met us. Nuttin. So Mr. Dawn, never one to give up without a fight, went back in and checked another fallen tree. That was one of the clues. “Downed tree fork”. Well he and J moved some leaves in the fork of this downed tree and voila! Success! J was so excited. We dug out the log, signed it, and J took a pair of 3D glasses and left a French coil. 10 francs or something. It was so cool. Then the second one was soooo tricky. It was behind our local Sears Hardware store, and the clue was “Magnets 101”, it said it was shoulder height and to stay on the sidewalk. We looked all over and were just about to leave and we passed a drainage pipe cover thingy. I was like, “Is that a magnet?” and lo and behold it was a magnet and the log was on the back of the magnet. No treasure but the satisfaction of finding a really clever hide. We had a great time and we plan on going again next Saturday. I was a little disappointed because I forgot our camera and it would have been nice to document the first finds.

Dinner tonight is a bit of an experiment. I tend to check out a few recipe sites and blogs, then make up my own thing. Well, tonight is a chicken thigh/crock pot deal. I threw in some frozen boneless chicken thighs, slapped a few spoonfuls of green curry paste on top, sliced some onion and two small potatoes, and poured some coconut milk over all. Oh, and a sprinkle or two of fish sauce. Don’t be afraid of fish sauce. It smells like ass but it’s good, I promise. I’ll make some jasmine rice for the rice-eaters and I’ll just eat mine solo. I’ll let ya know how it came out.

So lazy day today. I’m reading, listening to music, and taking it easy. Other than lifting the huge tv.

Okay, I gotta go. Little One is messing with everything. Seriously, everything. The vacuum, the unit and it’s various parts, screwdrivers, the tv…..and me. See ya tomorrow.


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