I have been booze-free for over a week now. It’s weird. I kinda feel like just from getting rid of one unhealthy time-sucker, I gained so much perspective and focus. I’m reading more, playing more, and getting more accomplished around the house. I don’t think that it’s all just from quitting drinking. I have been feeling a major shift in me the last few weeks. I’m hungry for something. I’ve been more creative. Before, I was kind of feeling bored and restless. Like every day was exactly the same (thanks, NIN). I was a passable if not great mother and wife-to-be. I was getting the job done. Now I seem to have sprouted a little extra spot in my heart that’s giving me this growth. I’m more patient and understanding of Mr. Dawn (trust me, it was needed). Everything is better! I can see my kids enjoying the newer improved me, they themselves seem to be getting more creative. That old phrase, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”?? True dat. Okay, enough with the sappy self-help talk……

I have made myself a promise today. And well, since I’m promising myself here on this blog, I guess I’m making all of you a promise too: I am going to work out today! Yeah, yeah, I know you’ve heard it all before, and my arthritic shoulder is starting to act up again, but dammit, I’m being lazy. And I went primal for a purpose: to get my arse strong and healthy! I cannot be strong if I do not move this bod. I don’t know if I have mentioned my Crossfit envy here, but there it is. I am seriously jealous of all you Crossfitters! Too expensive right now. Someday I will do it. Boxing is totally missing from my life. I just can’t get to it with the kids’ schedules. So I’m just gonna plug away at my good ole Gym Junkies bodyweight workout. You’d be amazed at how sore you can be with just 15 minutes of intense moving!!! I did the squat jumps and was sore for three days. Every time I went down the stairs I was sure I was going to be discovered in a twisted pile at the bottom from my shaky thighs failing me.

Last night’s dinner was boring again. Bunless burgers and a cucumber salad that Mr. Dawn made. This was really rare because I NEVER let Mr. Dawn into my kitchen. Seriously. He doesn’t know where anything is anymore, and he lived alone here for 15 years or so!!!! It’s mine now. But he was all excited because he harvested the first cucumbers from our garden and was feeling all proud and wanted to show off. His salad was…..meh. Edible, but I’d give it a C if we’re grading here. But we ate it and said thanks. He was so funny, talking about how proud he was that he grew them and fed his family. He was getting a little primal in his own way, I guess. He didn’t hunt, but he can gather like a mofo!!!

Plans for today:

Finish the boring book that I’m reading. It was on the NPR’s recommended reading list. Yawn-o-rama, but I’m hoping for some big payoff by the end. And the rest of that damn list better come through.

Try hula-hooping again. I totally sucked at the first attempt.

Music. We have weaned ourselves down on tv time. It’s pretty much awesome. Read this funny post on the television here. You can thank me later:)

Oh yeah, I’ll probably do something with the little persons who live with me. Dunno what yet. Maybe I’ll see what they are feeling like today.

So, has your life changed in any way since going primal? Other than the obvious diet and exercises? Do you ‘feel’ any different? How so?


2 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Good afternoon, thanks for stopping by my blog! I have been reading up on your posts and wanted to comment on your success in dropping the alcohol even in social settings. It is so great that you are getting your family to join you in the cave as well.
    I haven’t had time to read up on your old blog but I am curious what kind of calorie level were you staying at when you were doing CR?

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