I am loving the time I’m getting to spend with J during the day, just us two. There’s the sweet spot while the little one is at summer preschool, and we just get to hang. Or run errands like today. We went to the library. I just finished Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and needed more books. I really recommend the book, especially for anyone who’s pondering healthy eating and where our food actually comes from. It’s not an expose of meat farms or anything as dramatic as that, but it’s about one family’s choice to eat locally. They grow a garden and eat local meats and things. It’s really cool to see that yes, they actually survived without those bananas grown thousands of miles away. And there’s recipes too! So anyway, back to our errands: we hit the library, and I actually let him do his thing in the upstairs kids’ area while I found my books. It worked out great. I got my 3 books, then when I got upstairs he was coming at me with an armload of stuff. He was done already! Books, movies, and a video game.  Then we hit the Bath and Body Works to spend my mother’s day gift card. I had some coupons, so SCORE! We had fun sniffing everything and picking stuff.

Dinner last night was boring. J had golf so it was a quickie dinner, some pan-fried salmon and steamed broccoli. Boring. But tasty and nutritious. Mr. Dawn was so intrigued by my homemade yogurt, he even requested it for his salmon! I was like, “Really? You sure you wanna do that?” But he liked it. I was watching closely for any signs of food poisoning or anything. He survived.

Oh, I wanted to turn my fellow music lover’s on to a website I found. It’s called You can just click on a mood and it has a playlist for you. All sorts of stuff, things I’ve heard before and new stuff. J is digging the ‘calm’ playlist. I’m listening to ‘cool’ right now. And yeah, I’m feeling real cool, man.


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