I’ve spoken a few times here about working playtime in to my day. I’m finding it easy some days, not so easy others. Today, however, I sat at dining table with J and we just got out paper and crayons and markers and we both just drew. I was kind of skeptical, but willing to try. I don’t think of myself as the most artistic or creative person. Well, this was so soothing for me. I’ve had a lot going on spiritually/emotionally these days, and I’m trying to find productive or meditative things to do. It was kind of like therapy. I don’t feel comfortable enough showing the pics now, but one has all of us (me, Mr.Dawn, little one, and J) holding hands in a bubble as various arrows bounced off in crazy directions. Another showed a sea with waves, a little brown sailboat, and a lone stick figure with a question mark on the sail. Kinda literal, but it was fun! Others were less literal, but no less therapeutic. Good stuff.

The dinner I made last night was AWESOME! The almond and coconut flours are great subs for breadcrumbs. The texture is a little different, sorta mealy, but it’s good. We had the breaded pork chops with a little schmear of blue cheese butter, and a side of fresh cucumbers and some potato salad for the boys, not me. Oh, and it was my first time cooking Japanese eggplants. I forgot about those: just saute some garlic slices in oil, toss in the eggplant at a nice high temp and let ’em brown up. Salt and a little red pepper flake to finish. Yum.

My homemade yogurt came out “meh”. It tastes good, but it’s a little goopy. I’d prefer a thicker yogurt. I was looking around a little and read that sometimes if you use too much bacteria it can result in runny yogurt. So I have it draining in a strainer lined with cheesecloth in the fridge right now. It really does taste delish though. My next attempt I will tweak it a little. Unfortunately that won’t be for a while since it made soooo much. I filled three of those big yogurt containers and another medium sized tupperware dish.

Haven’t been working out. I’m just not feeling it. I think I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed in general lately, and just focusing and setting the course these days. I am active, I’m outside with the kids sometimes and I’m cleaning and stuff. Not just sitting here wallowing. Just this morning I tried out the hula hoop with J outside. I wish you all could have seen it! Pathetic, really:) I don’t remember hula-hooping being that hard in grade school! J got a kick out of it, and then he whipped out his mad skills by spinning the hoop on its end and diving through it. I think I’ll wait a while before attempting that trick! We also got my jump rope out and did that a little bit. I’m missing boxing a lot.

Oh, and I am so doing this. AndreAnna is really showing us the way here! And her convos with hubby in the store sound soooo familiar:) Although I dread the thought of her little one and my little one ever joining forces. That would be some scary shit. They would unite in some dark soul-sucking alliance to take over the world and make us all their minions!


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