Hey there, long time, no write.

The reason is unfortunate. My 16 yr old nephew (my oldest brother’s oldest son) had been missing since June 23rd. He just disappeared, no sign of a struggle or anything. Well, Tuesday they found a body about 10 miles from his home in Washington state. They still have to get dental records for identification, but the person who found him (a search party) apparently knows Austin (my nephew) and has ID’ed him to us. We are all devastated. It has been deemed ‘suspicious’ and we are awaiting autopsy reports to find out exactly what happened. So I have not been in a blogging mood very much. Just mostly holding my babies tighter and telling them I love them a gazillion times a day. You never ever know….   I am trying to figure out if I can afford to fly home to the funeral or not. It would just be me, b/c we can’t all go. It’s just too expensive to fly cross country right now.

On the food front, life is good. I’m eating properly. Even getting more veggies in. I’m making all sorts of yummy things. Just today I made Son of Grok’s jalapeno poppers. YUM. Although, we’ve had a heat wave here in NY, and the jalapeno ‘juice’ got on my hands and upper lip and burned for awhile. Ouch. Not comfy in this heat. The poppers were soooo good, you must try when you have a chance! I made a huge order from, and I highly recommend them. Shipping was next-day with FedEx, and we got them on a Saturday. Great prices also. I got a bunch of nuts, and some coconut oil, almond butter, almond flour, and coconut flour. We’re gonna test the flours out tonight on some breaded pork cutlets (just chops pounded thin) with a hollandaise sauce. I’ll post the results.

Not that I’m obsessed with the pounds anymore, but I’m down another 2. It’s just slowly coming off, and it feels great. I’m not hungry at all between meals. I’m working out every few days, except for in this heat.

Oh! I almost forgot: I’m right-now-as-we-speak (are we speaking? really? I’m gonna go with that….) making homemade crockpot yogurt! Seriously! With whole milk! Want the recipe? Ok here it is:) Let me know if you try it out. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out. I could not for the life of me find whole milk yogurt. And it’s way cheaper than store-bought. That is, IF it comes out edible. About the milk: I just switched the boys back to whole milk from 1%, and they are horkin’ it down! Crazy kids. Also, horkin’ is a word from the movie Ratatouille. We use it a lot around here.

I have also quit drinking alcohol. It was getting to be too much and I want to set a good example for my boys. And alcoholism runs in my family. And it’s healthier. And I have better things to do. And hangovers suck. And booze is expensive. And contrary to what I think, I am not wittier or sexier with a buzz. This weekend will mark the first weekend I can even remember without alcohol of some sort. I’m serious. We like our booze around here! I have, however, picked up another vice to replace my hooch: Coke Zero. I know, I know…..but I swear I’ll wean myself soon. I just wanted to have that feeling of treating myself after a long week. I’ll get rid of it soon. Promise.

We went to the beach yesterday. Have I ever told you how much I freaking hate the beach? Well, I hate the freaking beach. I only went cuz we live like 2 minutes away, J was harassing me, and it’s just what you’re ‘supposed’ to do on a hot summer’s day, right???? Well, the little one flips out as soon as he steps foot on sand. The sound of the waves scared him, I think. So we spent the first 15 minutes under the umbrella with Velcro-Boy. He was super-glued to daddy like…well…like super-glue! I hate the water, too, did I tell you that? Well, since daddy was occupied with Velcro Boy, I had the job of taking J down to the water. And honestly, that was the nicest part. The water was really cold, and holding hands with J is pretty nice, too. Then we came up, and I sat with Velcro Boy, who was now playing in the sand like nothing ever happened. So daddy took J back down to the water, which was way cooler for J since daddy lets him go in deeper. They came back, I was done with the beach, and we drove home. I hated it. The things we do for our kids……oh, and now Mr. Dawn has just spent an hour vacuuming all the sand and crap out of my car in the blazing sun. I think he hates the beach now too.


2 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. I’m so very sorry to hear about your nephew. Thinking of you.
    Also – you are totally inspiring me to quit the alcohol, too. I too think I’m super cute, super witty w a lil buzz, but it’s all fake. Have to stop it!!! I’ll think about it – but I may hop on your alcohol free wagon!

  2. Oh, Dawn, I’m so sorry about your nephew. My heart goes out to you and your family.
    As for the alcohol, I used to have a glass of wine with dinner about once a week, but stopped doing that when I started CR. It makes such a difference. I feel less dry… yeah, weird, but true. 🙂

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