The Fine Art of Play, or What I Did This Weekend

Cool things from this weekend:

1-I assisted Mr. Dawn with the garden. If by assisting you mean drinking a beer and standing in the kiddie pool that’s alongside the garden and telling Mr. Dawn what a great job he’s doing watering and weeding.

2-Attempted to stargaze. We laid a sheet down in the backyard after dinner and my son and I tried to find shooting stars. We saw a few bats, then J got all freaked out when a bug landed on his leg and the stargazing was over.

3-Made a hula hoop. Okay, Mr. Dawn actually made the hula hoop for me, but I did the legwork, like finding the instructions online here and telling Mr. Dawn exactly what to buy at Home Depot. And I discovered that adults really need big-ass hula hoops!

4-Tequila. ‘Nuff said. Did you know that tequila has zero carbs? You do now.

5-Listened to a lot of music with the family. Like, a LOT. There was dancing also, if you could call it that. The boys (and their mom) like metal:)

6-Found two really big caterpillars in my herb box by the front door. Identified them online and saw what kind of butterfly they turn into. They aren’t there today. I hope they didn’t get eaten. I took a really good pic of one of them, but I have yet to put them on the computer and thus you don’t get to see him yet!

That was my weekend in a nutshell. Speaking of nuts (nice segue, no?), I’m trying out a primal breading for some tilapia tonight. I’m thinking almond meal and some parmesan and spices. I’ll keep you posted.

Also, I am in desperate need of some recipes for carrots that don’t involve turning the oven on. I love roasting carrots, but it’s too hot now. And I don’t like that weird carrot salad with the raisins. Eww. I have a lot of carrots from the farm, and my kids really like carrot juice, so I may just do that. But still. I’ve trolled my usual websites and everything is a variation on the raisin salad, or a soup.

I’ve noticed the dreaded ‘bloat’ is gone. I can look straight down and just see my big boobs, no stomach peeking out from under! Yay! The Guatemalan woman across the street once asked me, “Baby coming?” I just smiled and said, “No, just fat!” This gives you an idea of how I carry every extra ounce. I’m an apple:) Pretty soon I’ll be a lean and mean Grokkin’ machine!

I’ve also learned that, especially in this heat, I can no longer keep ice cream in the house. I ate a second helping the other night!  I think if we really want it, we’ll just walk to the local Carvel. We seriously live about a half a mile (if that) from one. And then I can skip it, the kids get their fix, and I get a little walk in too. It’s weird too, because ice cream is not really a trigger food for me. I really think it’s the heat we’ve been having. Now, give me pizza and we’re talking binge material.

I was watching a local morning show today. Well, they had some expert from some women’s health magazine on. The segment was all about “The Healthy Food Awards”. Sheesh. I knew it was gonna be shady to begin with, but I was disgusted. Everything on the table was some overprocessed, plastic-packaged crap that was a substitute for some other equally nefarious crap, things like low fat ice cream sandwiches, ‘healthy’ cookies, ‘healthy’ chips…..I have to admit to some major scoffing. One of the things I’ve been enjoying in my primal journey is that my food looks like actual food. It’s recognizable as being flesh or plant material. I can pronounce everything in my food. It wasn’t created in a lab somewhere. And the lady was stick-thin and looked like she couldn’t pick up my 3 year old son on a good day! She ended the segment by saying something about being able to eat this way for the rest of your life. Riiiiiigggght.

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