Bouncing Off The Walls

I. Have. So. Much. Energy. I’m feeling the urge to just go on my treadmill and run a mile or two! And I already worked out today. I did Workout A from the Gym Junkie’s workout I wrote about yesterday. I ended up resting yesterday. I was a little sore and in no rush, and my workout partner (J , my 7 yr old son) punked out on me. He actually said it was too easy. Jerk. I’m reading about some bad experiences during the first few weeks, and I’m considering myself one of the lucky ones. Although, I’m noticing a change in my skin or something: when I use my regular shower gel in the shower, my skin feels all coated with residue. I don’t know if it’s diet-related or what, but I see a change of soap coming on. We don’t have hard water or anything, so it’s not that.

Spoke to Mr. Dawn about nutrition goals. I’m going to start making the boys’ chicken nuggets with a primal coating and just freezing them and using them throughout the week. In my sights: pizza. They love their pizza, and although I’m not quite ready to take it on just yet, I will. Mr. Dawn is not minding the new fuel. He actually requested his salmon burger with no bun. Good, he was the only one eating them, the boys and I don’t, so I’m saving a little money and not throwing out moldy buns 2 weeks later when I remember I have them.

I should find out the results of my recent blood work in a week or two. I have to wait til my endocrinology appointment. They did a whole lot of tests, as evidenced by the 12 or so tubes the phlebotomist whipped out. I actually asked her, “Are all those for me???” and the smartass replied, “Well, they’re not for me.” Har dee har har. Good thing I’m not squeamish. They are testing my hormones, including progesterone and testosterone, and my free T3 and T4, and also (I was happy to see it on the sheet) Vitamin D. And of course, the usual CBC, or complete blood count.

I’ve been trying to apply the idea of play into my every day. I mean, I have two rambunctious boys, I have the perfect examples right in front of me, right? Nope. Well, my little one is little daredevil and plays a lot. When he’s not watching tv. Yep, he’s a boob-tube junkie. I’ve started seriously limiting it for everyone. And my oldest, let’s just say, he’s not particularly athletic. Yet. He did play soccer for a few years, but informed us he doesn’t want to do it anymore. But we have a rule that you have to do something active regularly, whatever it is. What did he pick? Golf. Yep. *sigh*….oh well, it’s a start. We are all a work in progress:) So back to the idea of playing. Yesterday,  I just randomly started sprinting after J. Down the hallway into his room. He thought it was fun, so he kept coming back out as my “bait”. Playing, sort of:) And I’ve looked into hula-hooping. I liked it as a kid, and now apparently there are ‘hooping groups’ all over the country. Oh, and geocaching! Have any of you done this? It looks so fun, but I need a GPS first. I think I’m getting the hang of this play thing…..

How about you? Do you play? What’s your favorite?

2 thoughts on “Bouncing Off The Walls

  1. When my husband is not recovering from surgery, we’ve been taking the kids out after dinner and using the dusk-no-so-hot time to play frisbee or toss a football. I’ve also been chasing the dog, which she loves and I use as my sprinting.

    It took the kids awhile to get used to the natural chicken nuggets (i don’t make them primal for them but I do use the free-range chicken and organic coating) but they did. As far as the pizza goes, I have a recipe I’m trying out tonight for Mike and I but I think thats just one thing you cna never mess with!!

  2. So far we’ve got regular chicken (we’re working out the whole grass-fed/free-range/organic angle), and I’ll do something with nuts or unsweetened coconut maybe. Pizza. There is no substitute!
    I’ve noticed J just loves playing with me. It’s nice to make my kid happy:)

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