Getting My Feet Wet

This whole way of life has me so pumped up. Yesterday, after skipping the morning coffee (gasp! didn’t need it), I was all over the place! I had so much energy. I tried to talk J, my 7 yr old, into doing something. We didn’t know what. So I suggested riding our bikes to the library. He didn’t want to. He wanted to have a play date with P, his classmate from last year. Well, the kids are still at an age where you don’t want to leave them alone at someone’s house without first staying for one playdate to make sure it’s safe (you know, no guns or crack laying around). I have a little social anxiety/shyness, and I rarely find anything in common with any of these other moms. Seriously, I don’t work, most of them in our area do, I have lots of tattoos and am very into health and fitness, and let’s just say my taste in music doesn’t usually make for a great discussion with a 30-or40-something mom (I’m into all things, but I love metal and hardcore stuff). *sigh*…so I had to talk J out of it. I just wasn’t up for entertaining a stranger for an hour or two. But, back to the energy thing…I find myself pacing through the living room/dining room constantly. I gotta figure out what to do with this stuff, it’s dangerous! I mean, there’s always cleaning the house, I’m kind of a slacker in that area, but nah!!

So I took J downstairs for our first workout (from yesterday’s post, MDA’s prison workout). I was looking for some bodyweight stuff that might interest my kid, and we had a great time. Me, huffing and puffing and sweating like crazy, and J, not sweating and well…..gloating. Seriously, why did I nurture such good self-esteem?! He was all, “Wow, mom, I just 30 of those burpees and I’m not even tired!….Hey mom, I did 30 push ups and I’m not sweating!” I wanted to punch him in his cute little toothless face:) And even though we only worked out for 10-15 minutes, I gave it everything and was feeling it later. Sore thighs, abs, and arms.

I discovered Vic over at Gym Junkies’ Bodyweight Workout. I am going to give this one a shot for 30 days. You need absolutely nothing except some room and a body! I like the variety and the simple moves. I also box (or try to) 3 days a week at a local gym. This isn’t a floofy women’s kick-boxing/aerobics class either. It’s hard! The trainers basically try to see who’s gonna puke or cry first. I’m a lefty too, which makes it fun, I get to reverse everything they say. That was a pain in the ass at first, but now I’m used to it. Which is weird, because I am a righty in everything else. The problem with boxing is: the schedule. My little one goes to summer preschool. That’s a long story right there. He was born at 27 weeks and hospitalized for his first year of life, and now he’s a little delayed (not much) and gets all sorts of therapies at school. Well, his team didn’t want him regressing over the summer, so thus summer school for the little man. So, basically, boxing and school don’t mix. I can still hit it twice over the weekend, so that’s good. But I have to figure something out because in the fall when I start school I will be in school two of the three days I usually go. So….we’ll see what happens.

What am I going to school for at 35 yrs old, you say? I am 35 and still haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up. Besides a mom. And a good one, at that. I started out to be a fitness specialist. Well, there’s not much of a market for it here, and the pay’s not so hot. Then, after all the stuff with my son’s preeminess, I really loved nursing and wanted to be a NICU nurse. Well, with the recession and lots of people going back to school, there were over 2000 applicants for 300 spots at my college. Even with a great GPA, you have to know someone. I didn’t know anyone. So then, after some research, and my apparent aptitude at biology, I decided, “Hey, why don’t I become a high school biology teacher?” And so we’re on track for graduation with that teaching degree in 3 1/2 years. Yay!

Also, I’ve been asked by a follower of my previous blog to post what I’m eating. I will do this, but I’m not going to do calorie counts or anything. I am focusing on getting it down then I’ll check the calories to make sure I’m doing my CR along with this primal thing. As long as I’m feeling good and looking leaner, I’m not going to sweat it. For now. Oh yeah, I come to this primal lifestyle via a long road of quasi-veggie-raw flirtation. Not really vegan, because I never gave up meat (I’d eat it very rarely), but I liked the raw aspect and was about 75% raw and given day. I was hungry constantly and obsessed with logging foods and calorie counts. No more. And the scale. Oh, the scale! Primal Matriarch had a great post yesterday about throwing out the scale. Her before and progression photos are amazing. YET SHE HASN’T LOST ONE POUND. Yep. Not one stinking pound. But it’s so obvious from her pics that she’s changing shape for the better. I need to take a page from her book and throw mine out too. But, baby steps, people, baby steps.



3 whole eggs scrambled in butter, with cheese and hot sauce

Lunch- What lunch? I’m usually not hungry til dinner….

Dinner-Hamburger, no bun, no ketchup, probably some cheese on it. And I haven’t figured out the veg yet….we got our CSA share on Friday and we’ve got all sorts of stuff. Maybe beets?

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