Day 5

Day 5 for this Grokette.

Where to start? I stumbled across Mark’s Daily Apple about a week ago. I read voraciously through everything I could get my eyeballs on. I am hooked. It just seemed to click with me and make sense. So I give you, Primal Dawn!

I am now looking to workout according to the principles of Grok. As a matter of fact, today will be my first Prison Workout. Woohoo! Prison workout. Sounds terrifying. But I’m up for it. And I’ve even got J, my oldest son (he’s 7) on board to work out with me! I’ve spoken to Mr. Dawn about taking my old tires sitting on the side of the house off the rims so I can steal his sledgehammer and have at it. He’s kinda primal in his own way, and I think he may be out there with me once he sees what I’m doing. But we’ll need another sledgehammer for that…..cuz I’m not sharing.

Progress: I’ve lost about 5 pounds, water weight mostly I’m sure. I’m sleeping. I was a chronic insomniac. I’d be passing out flat on the couch at 8 as soon as my boys went to bed. Lately, I’m more active during the day and I go to bed later (yes, the bed, not passing out on the couch), and I am actually sleeping through the night. I used to wake up at least 2 times a night. I’m not obsessed with food or my next meal. I eat once in the morning, then I might get hungry in the afternoon, eat a li’l something, then I’m good til dinner. That’s IF I get hungry in the afternoon. And I am interested in the idea of Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition ( or CRON, or CR), and find that it doesn’t conflict with that at all.

I don’t have any books yet, having gotten a good start on the internet. But I will be buying the Primal Blueprint as soon as I can.

So here’s to a great start! I’ll be posting regularly of my progress and general foibles in this life adventure of raising two boys and one grown man whom I have agreed to marry someday…..


2 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. I started out CR on a paleo diet. Maybe you can get some recipe inspiration by checking out some of my Oct09-Dec09 posts. 🙂

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